Participate in exchanges by following the guidelines below.


Who can post a Resource?

Individuals and businesses with resources that may be useful to artists can post a resource for free. ExchangeWorks staff will review each post before it is published online as part of a basic vetting process.

To post on ExchangeWorks, resource providers must be over the age of 18.

What can be posted in the Resource section?

Resource categories include: Art supplies; Career development; Computers and electronics; Equipment and fabrication; Fashion and beauty; Fitness and spa; Food and beverages; Framing and installation; Furniture and décor; Health and nutrition; Home, office and studio; Legal and financial; Media and design; Music and instruments; Printing and publishing; Project support (e.g. venue or funding); Shipping, insurance and storage; Travel and vacation; Vehicles and repair; or Other.

An object or service from the above list may be posted for exchange or a discount for artists can be part of an exchange.

What goes into a Resource post?

Images: A main image or video is required at the top of your post. Use a captivating and high-quality image to promote the resource you would like to exchange. The image can be of the resource itself, a detail of the resource or a related image of what you are offering. The suggested size for the main image is 620 (width) x 350 (height) or 8.611 x 4.861 inches at 72dpi. Additional images can be various sizes.

Description: Include a detailed description of the resource, as well as a history of the item, service or business.

Exchange Proposal: Your exchange proposal should be succinct, to the point and realistic. Think about the value of the resource you are offering and write a corresponding proposal that makes sense. Your proposal can be for a specific type of artwork, a new commission, collaboration, or a discount on your services / item.

Benefits to a free Resource post:

  • Control and manage your post by uploading images and video, a description of your resource and a link to your website
  • Engage with others interested in what you are offering
  • Gain exposure and new clients through the site and targeted alerts
  • Collect valuable artwork and / or have a unique art experience by making use of the resources you have available

Post a Resource >

Contact us with any questions. We are happy to help you.


Edit your post

To edit your post, sign in and go to PROFILE. Scroll down to “Manage Your Exchanges” and you will see a list of your posts. Choose a post to edit.

After an exchange takes place, please change the post’s status to “Exchanged” or “Exchanged and available for more.”


Contact other ExchangeWorks participants

To contact others, log in and make sure your profile is filled out completely.

We aim to create a community based on trust and communication. Get to know other ExchangeWorks participants by exploring social media links on each participant’s profile and learn as much as possible about the artwork or resource to decide if the exchange is right for you. Ask questions about the condition of the artwork or resource, if exchanging an object.

If you are planning to make an exchange, meet in person, speak over the phone or skype to discuss details. You can also write an exchange agreement that states the details of your exchange.

Most importantly, treat everyone with respect. If you decide not to pursue an exchange, let the person know that it is not going to work out in a respectful way.


Exchange with other ExchangeWorks participants in person or from a distance

Exchanges are made upon mutual agreement and understanding between both parties. Packing, shipping and insurance are covered by participants in an exchange, however, ExchangeWorks can provide contact information for reputable art shipping companies.

After an exchange takes place, change your post’s status to “Exchanged” or “Exchanged and available for more.”

Contact us with any questions. We are happy to help you.


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