EW Art + Public Guidelines For Hosts

Participate in EW Art + Public by following the guidelines below.


Who can create an EW Art + Public offer?

EW Art + Public hosts are contemporary artists who frequently exhibit or perform in museums, cultural centers and galleries. Many of the participants teach at universities or community centers and engage with the public on an ongoing basis. Depending on the offer submitted, ExchangeWorks may request an interview before it is published. ExchangeWorks staff will review each offer before it is published online as part of a basic vetting process.To create an offer on ExchangeWorks, hosts must be over the age of 18.

What can be offered in EW Art + Public?

EW Art + Public includes classes, consultations, demonstrations, equipment rentals, studio rentals, studio visits, tours, workshops, and other art related experiences. Consider innovative ways to utilize your skills, time, space and equipment.

What goes into an EW Art + Public offer?

Images: A main image is required at the top of an offer. Use a captivating and high-quality image to promote the offer. The image should show the host (you), supplies, relevant equipment and the place where guests would visit. The suggested size for the main image is 620 (width) x 350 (height) pixels or 8.611 x 4.861 inches at 72dpi. Additional images can be various sizes.

Summary: Include a detailed description of the offer and specify whether it is for individuals or a group.

Biographical information: Include the most important exhibitions, public collections, teaching experience and award / grant history.

Offer date and time: Choose the date and time for your offer or choose ongoing, for ongoing offers.

Fee: Your time and skills are valuable. Hosts can determine the fee for each offer, unless they choose not to charge.

We are happy to help you create your offer. Contact us for assistance.

Benefits to creating a free EW Art + Public offer:

  • Control and manage your offer by uploading images, a description of your studio practice and a link to your website
  • Gain exposure and meet others interested in your work
  • Determine whose reservation to accept, based on other’s interests and EW profile
  • Create supplemental income by doing what you do best

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You can manage your offers and accept or decline reservations from your Host Dashboard. To view your Host Dashboard, click on the Manage Offers tab at the bottom of your profile page.

People who contact EW Art + Public hosts already have an EW account and profile. Hosts are able to ask potential guests questions and view their social media links to find friends in common. Hosts can decide whether to accept or decline a reservation.


All payments to EW Art + Public hosts are made through PayPal. You can enter the PayPal email associated with your PayPal account on your Profile page to start to receive payments. Payments will be made within 24 hrs of the date your offer is completed.

ExchangeWorks collects a 13% commission from all hosts on confirmed bookings. This fee is automatically deducted from the payment to hosts.


After an offer is completed an email will be sent to hosts and guests requesting feedback of their experience. All feedback will be moderated.

Contact us with any questions or feedback.



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