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Daniela Kostova

I am an interdisciplinary artist who is interested in hybrid cultures and architectures resulting from conditions of global change and migration. My work traverses the digital/analogue divide in art and explores issues of geography, cultural representation, the production, and crossing of socio-cultural borders, and the processes of translation and communication. I am primarily interested in art as relationship so I often engage with a specific site or community. My projects usually involve interaction with people on the street, they encourage audience participation and result in the form of installations that include video, photography and sculptural artifacts. In contrast my studio practice is based on carefully constructed situations and models that are photographed or videotaped, and later digitally manipulated. In the studio I use technology strategically in order to make the real seamless and absurdly precise to such a degree that it subverts itself into the hyper-real. I often collaborate with both artists and non-artists and organize exhibitions and special events in order to expand my artistic practice outside of the art community and situate it in a larger cultural and social context.

ExchangeWorks participant since: 01/07/2014

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