ExchangeWorks creates new opportunities for artists and the public through the exchange of art and resources. We bring people together to make practical and creative exchanges.

ExchangeWorks features contemporary art in a variety of media by artists who exhibit at museums, galleries and cultural centers around the world. A resource is something useful to an artist, such as supplies and accommodations, as well as professional services and project support.

As part of EW Art + Public, visitors can book exclusive offers, such as workshops, studio visits, tours, and other art related experiences, led by credentialed professional artists.

Why ExchangeWorks?

ExchangeWorks encourages long-term support for artists. We hope to fill a gap in artist’s needs, creating opportunities to further their practice, to help prepare for exhibitions and to collaborate with others.

Fostering a new generation of collectors and resource providers, individuals and businesses can support artists through exchanges, while making use of their available resources.

The benefits to exchanging are financial, environmental, personal and cultural.

What kind of exchanges are made on ExchangeWorks?

ExchangeWorks facilitates the exchange of art and resources.

Artwork categories include: Artists’ books, Mixed media, New media, Non-material works, Painting and drawing, Performance, Photography, Prints and multiples, Public and site specific, Sculpture and installation, Video, film and sound, or Other.

Resource categories include: Art supplies; Career development; Computers and electronics; Equipment and fabrication; Fashion and beauty; Fitness and spa; Food and beverages; Framing and installation; Furniture and décor; Health and nutrition; Home, office and studio; Legal and financial; Media and design; Music and instruments; Printing and publishing; Project support (e.g. venue or funding); Shipping, insurance and storage; Travel and vacation; Vehicles and repair; or Other.

ExchangeWorks staff will review each post before it is published online, as part of a basic vetting process. Participants must be over the age of 18 to participate.

See guidelines for participating in an exchange as an artist or resource provider.

How can I participate in an exchange?

Simply register and contact an artist or resource provider to inquire. It is not required to create a post before contacting another participant.

Who are ExchangeWorks participants?

ExchangeWorks features contemporary artists who exhibit or perform in museums, cultural centers and galleries. Participants are emerging, mid-career and established artists with professional experience and an exhibition history.

Individuals, non-profits or businesses with resources they would like to exchange with artists are welcome to participate.

What if I see an artwork or resource I am interested in, but do not have what is being asked for in exchange?

You can purchase the artwork, allowing the artist to use the funds to buy the resource he needs. Click on the “purchase” button to initiate payment.

How do I know what the value of an artwork is?

The value is listed on the sidebar of each post, if the artist listed it. If it is not listed, contact the artist to ask about the price.

Who handles the shipping?

ExchangeWorks can provide information about art handlers and shipping companies upon request, though we do not handle shipping.

How do I know that the person I am exchanging with will follow through on their part of the exchange?

We aim to create a community based on trust and communication. Get to know other participants by exploring links on each post, to find friends in common or common interests. If you are planning to make an exchange, meet in person, speak over the phone or skype to discuss details. You can write an exchange agreement that states the details of your exchange in terms of what and how the exchange will take place, as well as any details about how to take care of or maintain what is being exchanged.

What is EW Art + Public?

EW Art + Public connects artists who offer classes, consultations, demonstrations, tours, workshops and other art related experiences to the public. Local residents or travelers interested in contemporary art can meet artists and partake in artistic practices that engage with the world. While many of the EW Art + Public offers take place in artists’ studios, others take place in public spaces, such as museums, parks or restaurants.

See guidelines for participating in EW Art + Public as an artist / host or guest.

Is ExchangeWorks free?

ExchangeWorks participants can explore, post and contact each other for free. Register to get started.

EW Art + Public events may have an associated fee, to be determined by the artist who creates the offer. Payments for EW Art + Public offers go through the secure payment system, PayPal.

What are alerts?

Alerts notify participants when a post that matches their interests is uploaded to the site. You can sign up for alerts on your profile page after you register for the site.

What is ExchangeWorks’ relationship with galleries and museums?

ExchangeWorks works in conjunction with galleries, museums and other organizations to provide opportunities and support for artists, as well as their exhibitions.

Are exchanges taxable?

ExchangeWorks connects artists with resource providers. The actual exchanges happen offsite. Participants should speak with an accountant or tax advisor about any taxes on a specific exchange. For more information about barter and taxes, please see the IRS website.

Who is behind ExchangeWorks?

ExchangeWorks is driven by a team of people who believe that the experience of exchanging can be meaningful and fun. Learn more about our team.

ExchangeWorks is based in Los Angeles, CA.

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