Examples of successful exchanges facilitated by ExchangeWorks

NYC Accommodations / Photograph Exchange

Walter Robinson said...

Pedro Vélez, Walter Robinson said…, 2014, Photographic banner and collaged paper and painted push-pins (work created during stay in NYC)

ExchangeWorks was highly beneficial and useful to me during my preparations for the Whitney Biennial. Since I’m based in Chicago, I needed a place to spend a couple of weeks in New York in a location near the High Line to be able to take photographs of the Whitney Museum’s new site. The apartment offered by Anthony Sebok and the way it was portrayed on ExchangeWorks, was exactly how I encountered it — a beautiful and comfortable apartment in Chelsea, only a couple of blocks away from the High Line. Location was pivotal in the creation of a photograph, which you can actually see at the Biennial. Not only was I able to produce that specific piece but I also started a new series of photographs using Sebok’s apartment as inspiration. Not having to worry about lodging expenses in a city as expensive and prohibitive as New York really gave me the stress-free environment I needed at that particular moment of my career. I believe ExchangeWorks is a progressive and groundbreaking new tool that will provide the art class with a new set of opportunities that will enhance its capability to produce art and maneuver social interactions, more in tune with today’s economy.

Pedro Vélez, Artist 

Printing Services / Drawing Exchange


Exchanging with Edie was a lot of fun. It was great to see her process as we worked with the image to realize her vision. We produced a polished edition of 20 prints. I’m an admirer of Edie’s work so receiving a drawing from her in the exchange for my assistance was a real treat. All in all, it was an enjoyable exchange and I’m happy to support an artist in the community.

Bonn Macy, Resource Provider

Equipment /  Promotion Exchange


ExchangeWorks is a tremendous resource to have access to. As an independent curator, it is often up to me to procure the necessary resources and equipment for an exhibition. For my exhibition, “You Are On Indian Land”, which opened in New York in 2015, we were in need of technological equipment. The exhibition – which is now traveling to the Museum of Northern Arizona, was again in need of technology equipment, which ExchangeWorks was able to help secure. I highly recommend that other independent curators utilize EW in their exhibition production.

Erin Joyce, Curator and art critic

Dialogue / Live Interview On Radio Show Exchange


I was contacted by a LA based cross-disciplinary art and design group through ExchangeWorks about participating on Mother Friday Radio. We recorded a compelling interview and I learned about their international projects and goals. This experience connected me to people with similar interests of integrating family into creative life. It also introduced them to our growing community of listeners.

Melissa Scherrer Paré, Creator and host of Mother Friday Radio 

Sculpture / Project Support Exchange

Hope Ginsburg, Prototype 1 from Preserving the Phylum Porifera, 2012, sea sponge, wool, 16 x 12 x 12" (left) exchanged for project support - underwater photograph from research trip (right).

Hope Ginsburg, Prototype 1 from Preserving the Phylum Porifera, 2012, sea sponge, wool, 16 x 12 x 12″ (left) exchanged for project support – underwater photograph from research trip (right).

I’m happy to report that I used the project support funds from the exchange event for expenses on my residency in Puerto Rico at Beta Local: fuel to drive to Guanica, PR, two days of dive fees and equipment rental, a DAN (diver’s insurance) membership, and–very exciting—the purchase of an Ikelite underwater camera housing and Canon camera to go inside.

Gathered knowledge from the trip enabled me to make this “thoroughly researched” acquisition and my new photo kit from B and H has just arrived. Apart from the magical, ephemeral experience of the dive trips, it will be nice to have a durable outcome of the exchange, one that I can use long into the future.

Many thanks again and so happy Prototype 1 found such a perfect home. The exchange was a satisfying and interesting experience. Participating illuminated the merits of the idea–the connection between the object and the outcome of the exchange, as well as the dialogue, was meaningful.

Hope Ginsburg, artist

Photograph / Pillowcase Pig Hood Exchange


I photographed participants wearing a pig hood, from my Understudy for Animal Farm – Pillowcase Pig Hood series. The photograph was later exchanged for a pair of patterned standard-sized pillowcases that were made into new pig hoods

The exchange event in Santa Fe provided me with the unique opportunity to try out a new project at a pivotal moment in its development. By bringing together artists, curators, collectors, and community members to engage in a dialogue around art and what artists really need to facilitate the creative process, the organizers of the exchange created a space for working artists to engage directly with their audience in a fluid and productive conversation. For me, this is the unique strength of the exchange idea. Artists need financial support, materials, and services to make new works, but they also desperately need to be engaged in a constant dialogue with other people who care deeply about culture and the visual arts. ExchangeWorks understands that nurturing artists means providing for all of these diverse needs.

Ligia Bouton, artist

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