low-back chair – for dining, writing or simply an art piece

Detail of chair


One mission at white design is to create unique furniture for the individual. Scott White helps you furnish your space with sustainable, contemporary furniture. His work possesses a high level of thoughtfulness and honesty. The designs you see here are born from a desire to reside in a simple, stress-free environment. These innovative pieces are fresh, with attention to detail at the forefront. The lines and attitudes of the pieces lean toward minimal, angular and austere while maintaining great functionality. Horizontal and vertical lines dominate yet I am not averse to the occasional curve. The responsible attitude at white design centers on incorporating materials, many of which are recycled. Synergy and flow leaves one with graceful surroundings. Sustainability remains my number one objective. I’m intent on making objects that leave a small footprint and will stand the test of time.

This handmade chair is thought out and made with devotion to craft, beauty and utility.






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