Fine Art Serigraph reproductions


Serigrafix is a fine-art print studio specializing in serigraph limited-edition reproductions. We also work with artists to experiment, collaborate and create original artwork using the serigraph process in a non-toxic work environment.

Creative Financing for Print Projects:

Serigrafix PrintStarter Editions was created as a print publishing house, specifically for serigraph editions printed by Serigrafix Studio. PrintStarter Editions independently publishes Serigraph editions using its own funding mechanisms and works directly with the artist or institution, with varied revenue splits.

  • A crowd-funding platform designed to micro-finance limited edition Serigraph Prints.
  • Curated by a team of arts professionals.
  • Submit your artwork for consideration online.
  • Previews for art collectors & investors

The idea behind Serigrafix PrintStarter Editions is to position us as a print publisher, creating the ability for us to approach artists and organizations and create original, limited-edition Serigraph prints that we believe will have an the highest potential for an immediate ROI. We raise enough money using the PrintStarter™, ‘reward-for-donation’ model and do not run the edition until we get enough donations to cover the basic cost or running the edition (20 out of 50 prints). If we sell over the 20 prints, or sell all 50, it is a successful campaign. Each edition is limited to 50 prints and a set print and paper size.

Artists, Submit Your Artwork
for Consideration:

Artists wishing to participate in Serigrafix Printstarter™ Editions may submit a digital file of their artwork for consideration to: Applicants must provide the following information for consideration:

  1. Full Name of applicant
  2. Digital file of artwork for consideration
  3. Artist’s Bio
  4. Links to artist’s website (if applicable)
  5. Links to any artwork available to view online

All applications must be submitted online, we do not schedule personal viewings of submissions at our studio or via mail.

Artwork for this program will be curated by an impartial advisory board of arts professionals. Artists will be notified by email when such decision has been made.

Collectors, Sign Up for the PrintStarter™ Preview Club!

Collectors and art aficionados, who wish to have a FREE* exclusive 24 hour online preview of Serigrafix Printstarter™ Editions before they are released to the public may send an email to:

  • Members will receive an email, inviting them to preview our latest Printstarter™ Editions
  • Members will be able to purchase artwork 24 hours before the general public.
  • Members will receive discounts or incentives not available to the general public.
  • *Membership is FREE at this time, however Serigrafix may, in the future, charge a small fee for membership.

Please join us in the new world of the fine-art serigraph!

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