Art Insurance: while in transit, at exhibitions and in storage

Grimanesa Amorós, "Terrarium," 2006


Since 1949 Bernard Fleischer & Sons, Inc. has supplied one stop Insurance to the Art community. Each customer has unique needs we listen to and fulfill on a daily basis.

Kazue Katase, "Sin título," 1995

Kazue Katase, “Sin título,” 1995

We are your trusted choice broker. We have many Insurance companies for art collectors, galleries, museums, artists, and corporations

If you create, own, sell, buy, loan, display, or preserve works of art on a private or professional basis, we have great coverage’s with great pricing. Each program provides comprehensive, cost-effective protection tailored to meet your individual needs. Art Insurance Policies can be tailored to cover works of art while on yours, client’s, or Museums premises or on exhibition:

Personal/Corporate Collections
Fine Arts Dealers
Museum Collections

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