Planetary Portraits, Astrological Readings

Tsong reads Sydney Cooper's natal chart


Through my art and writing, I’ve explored identity through conceptual portraits – seeing how language, the senses, interaction and community shape and change who we are. Over the past five years I’ve started exploring identity through astrology, getting professional readings, and diving into self-study through books, watching youtube videos, and reading hundreds of charts of friends, family, artists, writers, and celebrities. As in my other interactive portrait projects, I see myself and my work as a mirror for reflecting back the identity of the participant. In these astrological encounters, I use the planets as guides, and your natal charts as a map. I’m offering a 60 min. natal chart reading with coffee or a drink in Santa Fe, NM or a meeting via Skype. Readings are sliding scale $50-$100. You will need to provide your birth date, exact time, and location at least a week ahead of time.

Edie’s reading gave me some dimensions of self that I hadn’t had before. And she believed in the evidence of my life in a way I hadn’t thought of myself. She brings to her reading of charts the same wild enthusiasm and creative perspective that she shines on her art. A positive, fun, and uplifting reading by Ms. Tsong.                   ~ Joan Logghe, Santa Fe Poet Laureate, 2010-12

Edie’s reading had a major impact on me. Validation. Accepting who I am. Enjoying the path that I’m on…              ~ Anna Yarrow, Artist / Writer / Singer astrodet_web

Biographical Information

Edie Tsong’s interdisciplinary projects explore intimacy and how we connect with one another. Her often interactive projects use text, video, teleconference, plasticene and other materials. She has exhibited at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, The Mattress Factory, and TBA Festival and has lectured nationally. She lives and works in Santa Fe, NM.

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