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GYST Workshop at the Armory Center for the Arts


Individual Consultations with Karen Atkinson, part of the Getting Your Sh*t Together program for artists


Karen Atkinson

If you need to chat about your art career or just want to have someone give you feedback, Karen Atkinson will meet with you in Los Angeles near her office. A great way to solve a problem, find out more about art careers, get feedback on your work, or a kick in the butt, then set up an appointment.

Live outside the Los Angeles area? No problem. Karen can consult over the phone or set up a video chat with you.

Workshops, software and other Getting Your Sh*t Together products are also available.

Biographical Information

Artist and art educator, Karen Atkinson, runs this project as her current art practice, think of it as beyond social media and relational aesthetics.

The goal of this project is to make life better for artists. Karen Atkinson is a media, installation, public artist, independent curator, and collaborator. Atkinson has published and guest edited a number of publications. Exhibiting and curating internationally, Atkinson's work has been shown in South Africa, Australia, Europe, Mexico, Canada, throughout the USA, and in the Fifth Havana Biennial in Cuba and the 2011 Biennale de Paris. In 1991, she was a co-founding director of Side Street Projects, a non-profit artist-run organization in Los Angeles, which continues to thrive now in Pasadena. Atkinson has held a faculty position at CalArts since 1988, teaching Foundation Seminar, Context Revolt (addressing installation, public and net art), and her renowned Getting Your Sh*t Together class.

She has taught workshops for over 20 years, both regionally and nationally, for organizations like the California and Boston Lawyers for the Arts, Side Street Projects, The National Association of Arts Organizations, and dozens of additional artist-run spaces and non-profits. Karen created the GYST software for artists from scratch and in 2000 she founded GYST as an artist-run professional practices service company.

Currently, Atkinson chooses to focus on making life better for artists and less on exhibiting her own work. In her spare time she serves on Boards and Advisory Boards of local and national arts organizations, advises artists on their careers, and tries to get into as much art trouble as possible.

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