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Morgan O'Hara

I am an artist making LIVE TRANSMISSION drawings, a performative practice which I began in 1982. My work is culturally contextualized in the practice of drawing as a fundamental human endeavor and is continuous with the time-honored practice of drawing from life. Through this work, I transcend the arbitrary "oppositions" between abstract and figurative art, between purely gestural expression and documentary intent, creating narrative work which results in a final product which is not figurative. My LIVE TRANSMISSIONS render visible normally invisible or fleeting movement patterns, through seismograph-like drawing with both hands and multiple pencils in each hand. I lived in Europe for 25 years, returned to live in New York in 2010. I need help with video editing and putting documentary videos on YouTube. I would be very pleased to do a drawing / editing exchange. My website: www.MorganOHara.com.

ExchangeWorks participant since: 10/04/2014

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