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Sarah Beckstrom

I am an interdisciplinary artist who works as a creativity coach and consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a creativity coach and consultant I support individuals and groups with the unraveling and unfolding of creative projects relevant in their life and work. As an artist, I have a foundation in photography, video, and creating installations that incorporate light, sound, building and woodworking, and/or performance. My creative work often emerges as a response to place, merging personal inquiries with location in a way that utilizes the resources available in that given time. I am especially interested in the building and reclamation of spaces (psychological as well as physical spaces) and have been looking at this in regards to sustainability – what would our spaces look like if we cultivated a sense of grounding and place in a way that returns intentionality into the process of creating a world, from the materials and things we surround ourselves with to the systems of living we adopt? I would like to connect with people who are thinking about and developing ideas for sustainable systems whether it be on a personal, artistic, or environmental level. I am also interested being part of/participating in experiential, dimensional, and collaborative works of art that move beyond gallery and museum walls to engage and merge with life in the everyday. more info: www.sarahbeckstrom.com

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