Roundhouse Shines

Detail of research drawing for Roundhouse Shines


Roundhouse Shines by Olga Koumoundouros is a site-determined artwork using the neglected foundation of a historic train turn-around. For this work, Koumoundouros has constructed a 90+ foot long wooden table that bisects the center of the roundhouse and mirrors the topography of the ground, forming its own undulating horizon line. Rectilinear benches made from salvaged rail yard planks line the table and shade canopies provide relief from the sun while simultaneously acting as demarcations of the twelve stations of the clock. The entire structure including the roundhouse floor and its native debris are coated in a multicolored gradient of acrylic house paint.

Roundhouse Shines is sandwiched between the thriving biodiversity of the Los Angeles River and areas of light industrial use, an active commuter railway, homeless encampments and bourgeoning private development. In this new work, Koumoundouros grapples with the multiple histories of displacement, renewal and both generative and speculative growth.

Roundhouse Shines opens on Saturday October 25th @ 4:00pm – sunset

Roundhouse Shines is produced by Clockshop

*Paint for Roundhouse Shines was provided by Do it Best Hardware, Home Depot, PAR Paint Company, Ace Hardware and Sherwin-Williams through ExchangeWorks


Olga Koumoundouros makes installations, sculpture, photos, and social practice events that explore the psycho/social affects of the single family home and the idea of the American Dream. She uses the single-family home as rhetoric to discuss the frailty and ideological construction of home ownership and its relationship to human sustenance. Recent solo exhibitions include We made life here for a little while, Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects Off-site, Altadena, CA (2013), Dream Home Resource Center, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA (2013) and Wall Works: CART-What Do We Need to Get By and How Do We Get There?, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA (2011). She received her MFA from the California Institute for the Arts and is represented by Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects. She lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

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