Varanasi / Maha Shakti Peetha

Detail of Varanasi (Red Tears)


Inspired by different cultures, Alexandros Georgiou’s photography revolves around his travels. He refers to each trip as a “journey” and creates a new body of photographs and handmade post cards, with accompanied text, each time he travels. The artist has completed eight journeys so far, including to India, Iran, Pakistan, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia.

Alexandros Georgiou’s upcoming journey to India in the fall of 2015 includes a pilgrimage to the 18 most important temples dedicated to the Goddess Sati. He will follow the Maha Shakti Peetha for six months and create works inspired by the temples and the reality of everyday life around them. His new works from his trip will be shown at the Benaki Museum of Islamic Art in Athens, in a show curated by Eliza Gerolimatou.

The following work from Varanasi was exhibited at the Eleni Koroneou Gallery, Athens, Greece. The works are available in a new edition, created especially for ExchangeWorks in the size listed.


Varanasi (Red Tears), 2010, Mixed media processed photograph, 20 x 27 1/2 inches, edition of 5


Submerged, 2010, Mixed media processed photograph, 20 x 27 1/2 inches, edition of 5


Red Light District, 2010, Mixed media processed photograph, 20 x 27 1/2 inches, edition of 5


Installation view



Alexandros Georgiou was born in 1972 in Athens. He studied painting and photography at the Athens’ School of Fine Arts and continued his studies at the School of Visual Arts in New York (MFA ΄98). Alexandros has shown internationally in venues such as; National Museum of Contemporary Art, DESTE Foundation, Kunsthalle Athens, Eleni Koroneou Gallery, Athens; White Columns, New York; 3rd Auckland Triennial, Auckland, New Zealand; EV+A Biennale, Limerick, Ireland; Foto-festival, Mannheim, Ludwigshafen, Heidelberg; and 798 Space, Beijing; among other venues. A recent exhibition at the Heidelberg Kunstverein, Germany displayed photographs from his recent travels.

Alexandros is originally from Greece and is now based in New York City when he is not traveling.

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