Works from Heidelberger Kunstverein exhibition

Installation at Heidelberger Kunstverein, selection of original cards from NY, India, and Athens, with a song called Athena by Jack Early


Inspired by my stay in Varanasi, India, I have been working on art projects related to travel. I am interested in the overlooked details of life and create images that highlight these details and bring forth their hidden meaning. This exhibition at the Heidelberg Kunstverein shows various photographs from my travels.


Golden hairpin and Bikini continents NY, Heroin household, Athens



Detail of Bikini Continents

Detail of Bikini continents


Roman youth and brooms, Athens, Spirit of water fountain, NY, and Siva under Kali’s foot, India


Group of forgotten gods and arms of democracy, India, Eros with broken wings, Athens and NY, Lingam, Golden chain, NY with Gods and humans, India



Installation view at Heidelberger Kunstverein

“In recent years Georgiou’s practice has appeared to be almost inseparable from the experience of the journey. His art involves traveling, creating images, and writing. The experiences garnered, knowledge acquired, and emotions stirred in him while traveling are eventually cast in the form of a tender and insightful visual universe: narratives and images addressing the distant and the close-at-hand, the here and there, the Self and the Other, the inner and outer, the spiritual and the material through the reality of the everyday in both East and West.” National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens

a selection of cards from Athens, with the song Athena by Jack Early

a selection of cards from Athens, with the song Athena by Jack Early




Alexandros Georgiou was born in 1972 in Athens. He studied painting and photography at the Athens’ School of Fine Arts under D. Kokkinidis and G. Lappas. He graduated in 1996 and continued his studies at the School of Visual Arts in New York (MFA ΄98). He lives between Athens and New York and cities he’s worked in include Tehran, Varanasi, and Bangkok.

He had the following solo shows: Without my own vehicle I-V, National Museum of Contemporary Art -EMST, Athens, 2012, Varanasi, Eleni Koroneou Gallery, Athens, 2010; Without my own vehicle, 2nd part, DODO Gallery, Thessaloniki, 2007; Without my own vehicle, 1st Part, Eleni Koroneou Gallery, Athens, 2006; Favorite Games, Eleni Koroneou Gallery, Athens, 2004; Cut-outs, Eleni Koroneou Gallery, Athens, 2002.

His group shows include: Rebecca Camhi Gallery, Athens, 2014; Fremd bin ich eingezogen…, Kunstverein Heidelberg, 2014; No country for young men, Bozar, Brussels; The eye is a lonely hunter: images of humankind, 4. Foto-festival, Mannheim, Ludwigshafen, Heidelberg, 2011; In the country of last things, Teverina Fine Arts, Cortona, 2011; Kunsthalle Athena: The Bar, Kunsthalle Athens, 2010; Transexperiences Greece, 2008; EΜΣΤ, 798 Space, Beijing, 2008; Turbulence, 3rd Auckland triennial, Auckland, New Zealand, 2007; give(a)way EV+A Biennale, Limerick, Ireland, 2006; Self-Aboutness, Canal Isabel II, Madrid, 2004; METRO, 1st DESTE Prize, new trends in contemporary Greek art, DESTE Foundation, Athens, 1999; In my room, White Columns, New York, 1999; Spring Collection 96, DESTE foundation, Athens, 1996.

Selected bibliography

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