‘Drafting Universes’, 2013

Performance/installation at Adjunct Positions, a garage-based project space in Highland Park, Los Angeles


Drafting Universes is a process-based performance that also takes the form of an installation. Through repeated gestures that represent creation, explosion, and removal, Schnadt scatters hundreds of tiny metal nuts over a floor grid. Schnadt’s grid implies a field of measurement that when filled with metal “stars” approximates the experience of looking at the night sky, amplified by the illusion of infinite space created by surrounding mirrored walls. Through her simultaneously clinical, absurd, and evocative gestures, Schnadt considers the diligence, imagination, and hubris of the scientific process as it tries to define the unknown. This new version, sited in a former garage, emphasizes the personal vision, effort and ethos of experimentation that drive scientific discovery.







LA-based artist Sara Schnadt explores technology in her work both as subject and media. Her installations and performances use found objects, interactivity, projection, and movement derived from common gestures. Much of her work involves representations or data that translate large quantities of socially resonant information into poetic forms, including data visualization. Schnadt often performs within accompanying sculptural environments, attempting to articulate the personal within virtual and technological innovation.

Shows include: ‘Drafting Universes’ at Adjunct Positions and Perform Chinatown in LA; ‘Travelogue’ at Torrance Art Museum; MCA Chicago’s ’12×12′ series and ‘Without You I Am Nothing’, ‘Network’, Hyde Park Art Center, Site Unseen Performance Festival, and Balloon Contemporary (all in Chicago); ‘Spatial City, An Architecture of Idealism’ at MOCAD Detroit; ‘Travel Patterns’ at Counterpath, Denver; ‘Exchange Rate’ public projection series in LA and NY; ‘Upgrade!’ in Skopje, Macedonia and Sao Paulo, Brazil; FreeManifesta, Frankfurt; and the Busan Biennale in South Korea.

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