C/S Mockup with works by the Maricon Collective & Juan Manuel Gudino


C/S (Con Safos) 

C/S or Con/Safos (with respect) is a year long project along the banks of the Los Angeles River, created as part of the Bowtie Project on California State Parks land. Over the summer of 2014 my father and I, with help from the rest of my family and some friends, made 1500 adobe bricks which were used as part of site-specific performance. I am now using these handmade bricks to build  2 intersecting adobe walls that are sealed, primed and prepped for public painting. I am partnering up with three organizations: Clockshop, a non-profit arts organization, California State Parks, and Self Help Graphics & Art, a popular and vital community resource for the creation and presentation of Chicano/Mexicano art and culture in East LA to create this work.

handmade bricks

The LA River

The Los Angeles River has long been a contested site in many forms. As of 2008, the Los Angeles Graffiti Abatement Program resulted in the removal of much of the historic graffiti that lined the embankments and walls along the river. It erased not only a significant history of artistic production specific to Los Angeles, but with it dislocated and disbanded a community whose primary creative forum was found along these banks. This collaboration is designed to highlight a history of displacement along the river, support local artists who historically lack organizational/ institutional and financial support, create a safe platform for artists to practice, build creative networks, and to help them explore exhibition opportunities inside and outside of traditional art spaces. Con/Safos will be free and open to the public to view, both as the works are being created and after their completion.

LA River

The Artists

Throughout the course of a year local graffiti artists, painters and sculptors will be invited to design, paint, and build onto the surface of Con/Safos. Con/Safos will provide an open sanctioned space for painters and graffiti artists to create temporal artworks. Participating artists are listed below.

Sarah Dougherty
Timo Fahler 
Juan Manuel Gudiño
Iris Hu 
Leo Limon
The Maricon Collective
Local Bowtie Artists

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA              8_20120315img4048

IMG_3279                     hood sisters unveiling

iris detail                     Leo Limon 1

Maricon Collective                      local bowtie artists


*The adobe wall has been built, but we still need opaque primary and secondary acrylic paint colors for our contributing artists. Below is the list of colors and amounts we need to finish the project.

6   Gallons of Cadmium Yellow
6   Gallons of Cadmium Orange
6   Gallons of Napthol Crimson
6   Gallons of Medium Violet
6   Gallons of Ultramarine Blue
6   Gallons of Medium Green
6   Gallons of Titanium White
6   Gallons of Ivory black


Rafa Esparza was born, raised, and is currently living in Los Angeles. Esparza is a multidisciplinary artist. His work ranges in medium from installation, sculpture to drawing, painting; and most predominantly live performance. Woven into Esparza’s bodies of work are his interests in history, personal narratives, and kinship. He is inspired by his own relationship to colonization and the disrupted genealogies that come forth as a result. Esparza is persistent in staging situations where he attempts to experience a time and space inaccessible to him. Using live performance as his main form of inquiry; site specificity, materiality, memory and (non)documentation are primary tools in interrogating, critiquing and examining ideologies, power structures and binaries that problematize the “survival” process of historicized narratives and the environments wherein people are left to navigate and socialize. Esparza has performed in a variety of spaces ranging from community engaged places such as AIDS Project Los Angeles, to galleries including Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Highways Performance Space, REDCAT, Human Resources, SOMArts and most recently public sites through out the city of L.A. He is a recipient of an Emerging Artist 2014 California Community Foundation Fellowship for Visual Artists and 2015 Los Angeles Emerging Artist Grant from The Rema Hort Mann Foundation.

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